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Hiking through the Vosges

Hiking is a way of recharging your batteries, completely abandoning yourself to the feeling of freedom that only nature can give.

"The Vosges has more than 4000 kilometres of waymarked well-maintained paths. All that’s needed is your walking boots. Wander through hills, dales and forests, and discover breath-taking views.
Choose the route that suits you and set off on an adventure on your own or with others. There’s a route for everyone!"

A successful hike takes preparation

Randonnu00e9e au Donon
INFRA - Massif des Vosges

Plan your escape

Although it’s accessible to everyone, hiking does require a certain amount of preparation. It would be a shame to think you’re setting off on a 10 kilometre walk only to find yourself heading off on the wrong path 40 kilometres further north. We all know what happened to Hansel and Gretel... It could have turned out very badly for them! Many groups and professionals have worked out complete hiking routes, just to prevent that sort of tricky situation. There are many different maps and guide books, with routes grouped by difficulty, theme or season. Go to the tourist office or mountain guide’s office and choose your walking companion!

Since 1921, the Club Vosgien has waymarked nearly 4000 kilometres of footpaths in the Vosges to help walkers find their way

Luxury routefinders

"The geometric shapes on trees, rocks and walls are easily recognised. In addition to the signage, the Club Vosgien also maintains the footpaths, and publishes and sells maps and guide books.
The Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre (French walking clubs association) works alongside others to support hiking, providing walking guides and pathfinders. With more than 260 “topo-guides” available, it guides walkers all along France’s footpaths. Working alongside the Club Vosgien, the organisation waymarks the paths making up the Grande Randonnée (a 500 kilometre-long walking route in the Vosges) with signs bearing horizontal white, yellow and blue stripes."

Knowing how to walk is a good start, but there’s more to it than that!

Couple en randonnu00e9e
Michel Laurent

Hiking: a state of mind

To get from point A to point B in the Vosges, you first of all need the right equipment: clothes and shoes to suit the weather, first aid essentials, food and drink, maps or topo-guides. We really wouldn’t recommend hiking in flip-flops! If it should suddenly turn cold, add more layers of clothing or ask your friend to warm you up, but NEVER light fires in the forest! It would also be a great shame to litter this beautifully natural setting, so please remember to take your rubbish away with you, and it would be kind of you to tidy up after your less considerate predecessors... Mother Nature will thank you!

If you want a carefree trek, then take a professional along!

Groupe avec guide
INFRA - Massif des Vosges

Follow the guide!

These nature lovers know the little nooks and crannies of the Vosges by heart. Walking alongside them you’ll discover unsuspected locations, surprising wildlife and other hidden treasures. A guide will help you see a different take on the Vosges. Some offer themed walks, with opportunities to see the chamois at La Bresse, hurtle down the Piste des Lutins in the La Bresse forest, or get involved in an evening hunting trip near Remiremont.

Pushchair-friendly routes

Rambling’s good for families too! Parents with very young children can still enjoy getting away from it all on the pushchair-friendly routes which have recently opened up in the Vosges. These short-distance routes have been carefully chosen to suit pushchairs and children. If you don’t have an all-terrain buggy, you’ll find them available for hire at many shops in the Vosges.

Hiking through the Vosges




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