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Wide sky adventures

"“We said we were human fishes and the evil Vosges shark was going to
eat us up.”
Heard at Gérardmer lake
Patrick, 44, talking to Lucas, 6."

"Patrick lets go of his inhibitions, and his child-like spirit emerges. Like a threatened species, his carefree side pops up from time to time to remind him that heading out on an adventure is much so more fun than lounging around on the sofa.
With his new-found enthusiasm, Patrick is ready to meet new challenges, each more incredible than the last."


Pu00e9dalo sur lac de Gu00e9rardmer
Michel Laurent

Dive into the deep end

"Take the plunge! There are lakes, ponds and pools all over the Vosges, for the delight of young and old alike. Whilst bathing is hugely popular throughout the summer, there are other activities too to add variety to a family holiday.
Rowing, canoeing, pedalos, tubing, sailing, diving and fishing are all water activities you can enjoy in the Vosges."

Enjoy all the thrill of our water activities

Learn to find your way around the peaks of the Vosges massif with the help of climbing professionals from the Verticales Vosges team

Verticales Vosges

"Head out with the family and discover the joy of moderate level mountaineering on the Roches Beuty, the Tête Chémeneau or the Moutiers des Fées in the peaks around La Bresse. For the more daring ones, canyoning, via cordata and via ferrata are ready and waiting. Be warned: it’ll be intense!
And you can also enjoy the climbing walls at Gérardmer, La Bresse and Contrexéville all year round."

Too much energy! We all have to let off steam sooner or later

Michel Laurent

A rush of adrenaline

"The Vosges are a good place to refresh and recharge your batteries, but it’s not usual to crave an adrenaline rush once or twice during your stay.
Everyone can have a chance to meet new challenges head-on in the air or on the ground. Experience ground-breaking adventures on your own terms and create memories to last a lifetime. Strap yourself in for a paragliding flight, a bungee jump, a summer luge run or your first flight in a microlight."

Live life at full throttle - the Vosges way!

Everyone in the world dreams of finding themselves in a beautiful place such as this, living life to the full

Hautes Vosges et Gentiane
Michel Laurent

"The Vosges golden triangle:
Peaks, mountains and scenery"

"Paris, with its Champs Elysées, its Avenue Montaigne, its Avenue George V... A bit overrated maybe?
The Vosges golden triangle is much more luxurious. You’ll be won over by the number of rich panoramas per square metre... The Vosges are rich indeed, with thousands of hectares of nature.
Our forest is more than a little sumptuous in its opulence. A fashion parade from sunrise to sunset...
The peaks and mountains are exceptional. The profusion of vistas adds to the high quality of life of those who live here. If you’re looking for the most beautiful avenue in the Vosges, then head for the Route des Crêtes and drink in the views"

Take a deep breath and leave your stress in the changing room

Everyone knows sport can be tiring

Famille jardins de callunes
INFRA - Massif des Vosges

Pamper yourself

If you want a rest, or simply want to enjoy the lazy side of the Vosges, there are some activities which will make time stand still. How about a carriage ride? Wouldn’t that be adorable? In Bains-les-Bains, Jean-Noël Baheux, a qualified carriage driver, offers discovery rides for up to eight people, young and old. Watch the horses being harnessed up, and then set off at a gallop through the Vosges scenery! An unforgettable moment of relaxation with the family.

Relax at your own speed

There are animal parks, adventure parks and theme parks all over the Vosges

Sentier pieds nus
Michel Laurent

Experience a family adventure

"On the Adventure Farm, take off your shoes and enjoy the sensations of nature. The top barefoot park in France offers a range of routes through meadows and forests.
Or for a complete change of scene, find yourself in Colorado at Fraispertuis City, a family theme park in Jeanménil, the Vosges Wild West! Immerse yourself for a day in the world of the Wildest West.
Head to the Bol d’Air adventure park in La Bresse and fly through the air on the only attraction of its kind in France: a zip line with twists and turns, offering unrivalled thrills for 8 years. For those adrenaline junkies among us, Bol d’Air is an adventure park, with paragliding taster flights and one of the world’s longest zip line rides, streaking down the valley at more than 100 km/h...
Not far from Bol d’Air there’s a close encounter of a third kind to be had. More than 40 lamas and alpacas have put their mark on the scenery 900 metres up in the mountains. Go up to them, stroke them and feed them on the lama mountain. They’ll always be there waiting for you.
As you can see, there’s no shortage of experiences to enjoy on a family holiday in the Vosges. Choose your destination and climb aboard for some unforgettable moments!"

Parks to amaze the whole family

Things look different from a little higher up

Randonnu00e9e u00e0 cheval u00e0 Thiu00e9fosse
Michel Laurent

Gallop, gallop...

"Straddle your stallion and fly across the Vosges at top speed...
There’s a whole range of horse and pony treks to suit all abilities and all weathers. The little ones can discover the joys of horse riding, whilst adults can enjoy the panoramic views from a different angle.
The inspirational scenery and the experience of working with horses combine to create an unforgettable journey."

Join the cavalcade!
Wide sky adventures




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