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Let yourself be pampered


"Laziness: a propensity to do nothing,
distaste for work,
physical or intellectual effort. "

"From this definition, you could ask whether being on holiday simply means reaching this state of ultimate laziness.
Deciding to stay in the Vosges is like agreeing to let yourself soak up the carefree atmosphere of your surroundings and allowing yourself to rest and relax."

Like a fish in water

It’s not very widely known, but Vittel and Contrexéville are actually in the Vosges. These towns - two of the top spa towns in France - have turned their healing waters into a source of vitality for all...

Thermes de Contrexeville
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"Contrexéville, the capital of the slimming industry since 1979, is best known its wellness breaks entirely devoted to the figure. People come here to engage in physical activity, learn to rebalance their diet, or enjoy treatments at the spa.
The resort also offers treatments for metabolic and digestive disorders and urinary tract problems."

Piscine Thermale Vittel
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"Voted France’s favourite spa resort in 2014, Vittel continues to develop its offer of ever more attractive stays.
While the resort specialises in rheumatology, its also offers treatments for urinary and digestive disorders and weight loss. Individual nutrition consultations and conferences are offered alongside spa treatments. "


Roman remains

When it comes to spa treatments, the resorts of Bains-les-Bains and Plombières-les-Bains are equally noteworthy.

Vue extu00e9rieure Plombiu00e8res les bains
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Established 2000 years ago, the spa at Plombières-les-Bains simply oozes history, with a focus on rheumatology and the digestive system. Spa treatments are still enjoyed in the same buildings that were used all those years ago. Napoleon himself played a part in helping the town take off as a spa.

Thermes de Bains-les-bains
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In Bains-les-Bains, it’s quite a different story. The town is known for the hot spring treatments valued by the Romans for their effectiveness in lowering blood pressure. It is the only spa to offer treatment for cardiovascular conditions alongside rheumatology. Recently restored, the resort still has some remains from the Gallo-Roman era, most notably some ancient mosaics.

Du00e9tail Bonne source - Vittel
Jean-Franu00e7ois Hamard

The luxury of choice

Step out of time to look after yourself

"Ditch that watch, jettison that stress, tear up that schedule... It’s decided - your only focus is... you!
Head to one of the Vosges’ four spa resorts and take some proper time out:
Bains-les-Bain, Vittel, Plombières-les-Bains, Contrexéville
Recharge your batteries, take care of yourself, spoil yourself or get in shape; there is a wide range of spa treatments, all entirely dedicated to your wellbeing.
Surrender yourself to the seductive pleasure of doing nothing. "

Want to treat yourself to some wellbeing?

Massage visage
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Total relaxation

In addition to their special courses of treatment, the four Vosges resorts have spas which are open to everyone. Come along for a day or for just a few hours and bathe, relax in the sauna, or choose one of the many treatments on offer.

Les Stations Thermales

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Let yourself be pampered




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