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Made in Vosges

"Tourism in the Vosges takes many forms.
Here you can walk, swim, pedal, shop, or head out on some well-trodden paths."

We won’t be inviting you to toil along big shopping streets or get lost in some soulless shopping centre. Instead, we suggest you set off to discover the skills of our craftsmen and local industries, with emblematic products and bargains available directly from the factory shops, all 100% “made in Vosges”.

The cotton industry has been a part of the Vosges for more than 200 years.

Linge de lit Blanc des Vosges
Blanc des Vosges

Cotton on to some great products

Today a dozen companies across the department keep a fine tradition alive with their unrivalled skills, particularly in the household linens sector, and they have a well-deserved reputation. The textile houses, chiefly based around Gérardmer, open their doors to welcome you in. Explore them and root out a fine jacquard weave tablecloth, linen bedsheet sets, bath towels and more. Bargains galore await you!

Vosges, the land of textiles

Cookery fanatics cannot resist the opportunity to stock up on cooking utensils at De Buyer.

Casserole De Buyer
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

Up at the table!

Since 1830, their products, all of exceptional quality, have won over the greatest chefs and graced the finest tables, from the English court to Parisian palaces, from the White House to Michelin-starred restaurants. De Buyer has been a source of delight of food lovers for six generations. Visit their factory shop in the Val d’Ajol where you can buy professional quality equipment: copper saucepan sets, silicone cake moulds, mandolins, flan tins and so much more.

Bonbons des Vosges
Johanna Solvery

For those with a sweet tooth

Copper pans. Pine honey. Essential oils of bergamot, violet or raspberry. It doesn’t take much to make a fine Vosges sweet! The traditional know-how is perpetuated by a handful of artisan confectioner families, who just love to share their passion. Most confectioners offer guided tours all year round, appealing to both children and adults. Find out the secret of how our sweets are made!

Everything you need to make a very fine cheese board

Plateau de fromages locaux
Michel Laurent

The Vosges, one big cheese board

This is certainly no one-cheese region! Take our Barkass, our Tomme de Montagne from high-altitude farms, the cottage-style fromage blanc, our fresh or matured petits chèvres, Emmental, Brie, Munster... Most of the artisan cheesemakers have a shop on site where you can buy the cheese straight from the producer, and there are some you can visit any time of the year.

Woods, rivers, a legendary labour force... This was all it took in the 15th century for the Vosges to develop its papermaking industry.


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This department alone currently produces around 12% of the paper made in France: Velin d’Arches the top producer of art papers in the world, the leader in newsprint paper, heavyweight corrugated cardboard, and the famous graph paper which has been made in Etival-Clairefontaine since 1858.

Made in Vosges




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