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The 5 golden rules for a relaxing stay

Each has their own way of recharging their batteries

Whether alone or with others, find out how to replenish your energy stores, worn down by the daily grind.

While for some, finding inner peace means getting back to basics, for others it’s a pressing, essential need to have a change of air. Which is fine. The air in the Vosges is rather reinvigorating!

Forget the clock

Prenez le temps
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"Rule number 1:
take your time"

In the Vosges, the only clock that matters is the one that rumbles in your stomach morning, noon and night. Step off your frantic schedule and re-learn how to enjoy the passage of time, bringing a succession of joys to you as the day goes along. Can you feel something new happening? That’s serenity moving in!

Think about others too much, and you’ll forget about yourself

Pierres chaudes aux Thermes de Vittel
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"Rule number 2:
consider yourself"

It’s time to rekindle your fire... It’s so easily extinguished when stress and tiredness get on top of you. The Vosges are here to do you good, and so hotels and spa resorts have carefully put together a range of options: spa treatments, body treatments, wellness breaks and many other ways of unwinding completely.

Savour the pleasures of being pampered

Everyone knows that “doing nothing” can be truly sensational!

Randonnu00e9e raquettes
Michel Laurent

"Rule number 3:
dare to move"

Despite all this, it seems that to relieve certain pressures and relax to the max you need to move a bit. The advantage of the Vosges is that nature is all around, enabling you to enjoy a multitude of sporting activities in the open air: a ramble, a bike ride, a pony trek or a snowshoe walk around the ski resorts. Whatever the season, you’ll find something to delight you.

The forest is a source of wellbeing

Ressourcement Foru00eat
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

"Rule number 4:
remember to relax"

On a walk, all your senses come alive. There are new textures to feel, the floral scents mingle and overwhelm you, and the rustle of trees and birdsong overhead punctuate your progress. Shelter under the canopy of the trees, safe in your bubble of peace and quiet. There’s no other way to feel than alive in the midst of this natural vastness.

Discover the FORê effect

Last but not least: rest!

Pause du00e9tente aux Jardins de Sophie
Bernard Rouffignac

"Rule number 5:
don’t forget to rest"

Slow down a bit and give yourself a few unfilled moments... Stretch out, look, empty your mind and think about only one thing: nothing at all! Sometimes, by doing absolutely nothing, you can experience a strange phenomenon: your eyelids sag, your body feels heavy and... you fall asleep!

The 5 golden rules for a relaxing stay




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