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Snow activities

The snow experience ... a different way!

There’s more to life than skiing!

In the winter, the Vosges offer plenty of other activities: from the traditional snowshoe walk to the more invigorating experience of snowkiting, an hysterical time on the luge, an unlikely-sounding ox-drawn sleigh ride... enjoy the snow from a different angle for a day or a few hours.

ski poussette
Michel Laurent

Out for a stroll

"Put on your snowshoes and go at your own pace, reaching places which would otherwise be inaccessible. Be free to do as you wish on the waymarked trails or with a professional guide. Experience the joy of making the first marks on a virgin carpet of snow, and the sense of freedom in the wide open spaces.
Guides are available to accompany you on your outings, offering everything from a short stroll for 3-year-olds to discovery treks taking in lakes, wildlife and mountains with a night in a mountain refuge, for enjoyment as a couple, with family or with friends."

Enfants en luge - La Bresse
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

Gliding over the snow

"Almost all resorts have a long luge run for children and adults. Take a traditional wooden sled or a bobsleigh and head on down the run, fall off, pick yourself up, go back up and have another go!
Hurtle down the Vosges’ longest luge run at Bussang: 1.5 kilometres on an old road now closed to traffic."

Trau00eeneau u00e0 Bu0153uf - La Bresse
Jean-Michel Curien

Climb aboard a sleigh drawn by... an ox!

"You’ve almost certainly seen people on dog sleds. Well in La Bresse or Le Ventron you can experience it for yourself.
Do something out of the ordinary and try out an ox sleigh. That’s the offer from a farmer in La Bresse, in the Vosges, throughout the winter. Jean-Michel Curien, a farmer, has made a childhood dream into a reality: resurrecting a mode of transport which in olden times was quite commonplace in the valleys of the Vosges.
This is an original, fun outing to enjoy with your family. It lasts about an hour or so, punctuated with information about mountain life in the Vosges."

Snowkite sur la route des Cru00eates
Michel Laurent

Soar between the sky and the snow

The peaks of the Vosges are the ideal setting for snowkiting. The kite pulls the skier along the virgin expanses used by ski lifts. In La Bresse there are two areas where you can enjoy snowkiting in total freedom, along with a school to teach you the basics. The more experienced can get up to speeds of over 100 km/h!

Ski Joering
Ski Joering

On horseback

Discover a different way of gliding over the snow In the winter, why not combine the fun of skiing with the joy of horse riding: skijoring, drawn by a horse (with or without a rider). Introduce yourself to this original take on skiing at a gentle walk or trot, or set out at a gallop on an excursion covering several kilometres... Thrills guaranteed, with memories to last a lifetime! This is a highly original activity on offer from the Domaine du Clos Lery, a high-altitude farm in the Val d’Ajol.

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Snow activities




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