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The TOP 8 reasons to stay in the Vosges

Breath-taking scenery, natural treasures and heritage, relaxation or thrills... you’ll be surprised how much our department has in store for you.

Let us seduce you! Because staying with us means changing your rhythm, taking time to be still, discovering things, including yourself.

1. The most difficult thing in the Vosges? Getting to grips with silence...

"It’s too quiet... I’m not very good with that...
I’m happier when it’s not so quiet..."



Escape and recharge
Famille sur la voie verte
SMA Pays des Lacs

"2. And sometimes, coping with
the family..."

"You might just end up missing Gordon,
your gently-spoken colleague who collects beer bottle tops..."

Explore the parks

3. Flood the social networks with funny photos #vosges!

"“Me in the Vosges. Me in front of the forest. Me eating Munster cheese.
Me stroking a lama. Me...”"
Moi qui caresse un lama. Moi qui ..."

Explore the Vosges
Baignade u00e0 Gu00e9rardmer
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

4. Dublin’s weather in the morning and Barcelona’s in the afternoon...

"You can’t deny it’s a treat to go from waterproofs to a bikini
in less than 24 hours!"

Enjoy all the fun of the water
Michel Laurent

5. The thrill of skiing in Ischgl, without breaking the bank

At least you won’t have the Tyrolean music...

Skiing among the pine trees
Balade u00e0 vu00e9lo autour du lac de Saulxures
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

6. Looking after your body needn’t be hard work...

"Walk, move, climb...
The satisfaction of doing sport without even trying.
That’s the magic of the Vosges!"
La magie des Vosges en quelque sorte !

Discover cycling in the Vosges

7. Surpass yourself - especially when faced with a “munstiflette”!

Such dedication is a beautiful thing

Discover the restaurants and farmhouse-inns
Vol en parapente
Michel Laurent

8. Cancel your Netflix subscription

"No time to get bored or shut yourself away.
Those 4 seasons of your favourite programme can wait until you get home."

Move and take the air

If you still hesitate? here is something to change your mind

Unusual places or Relais & Châteaux?

In the Vosges, we sleep as we love! There is something for everyone, for all budgets and for all tastes

Our accommodations

Want a meal on the go or a starred meal?

You will inevitably find table at your fork in the Vosges and vary without worry the pleasures.

Our restaurants

The experience snow otherwise!

From the traditional snowshoe hike to the thrills of snowkiting, laughter in sledding, you will go through all the emotions on our snowy slopes.

ski natural
The TOP 8 reasons to stay in the Vosges




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