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Why choose the Vosges this winter?

What do all ski resorts have in common? Snow!

So if you’re trying to work out why you should choose the Vosges rather than the Alps or the Pyrenees, here are a few convincing arguments...

Skier au milieu des sapins
Michel Laurent

Ski among the pine trees

The Vosges forest is huge, dense and, most of all, magnificent! In the summer it’s the setting for hikes and other activities in the midst of nature. In the winter, ski pistes wind through the majestic trees in this forest, which is full of surprises.

Hurtle down our pistes
Piste de La Bresse
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

A range of skiing areas

In the Vosges, there are over 10 ski resorts ready to welcome winter sports lovers from December to March. In small and large resorts alike, snow cannon are standing by to ensure a good covering of snow throughout the winter.

Explore our Alpine ski resorts
Enfants avec moniteur ESF
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

Resorts which are live all year round

The Vosges ski resorts don’t shut their doors when the snow vanishes from the pistes. They offer sports and fun activities all year round. When winter arrives and they don their white mantle of snow, the teams and support facilities are already fully up to speed!

Look at all our activities
cours de ski enfants
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

Ideal for learning

There’s something for every level and every taste! However, beginners and occasional skiers here will find there are more green and blue runs than red and black. It’s much nicer to start gently and progress at your own speed.

Auberge du Riant u00e0 Ventron
Michel Laurent

Family-oriented resorts

When you’re with a family you don’t need thousands of kilometres of piste available. The Vosges resorts are more human in scale and offer an excellent compromise for families who want to enjoy some winter sports with their children without breaking the bank.

En piste !
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

Skiing with children

There are three “Family Plus” ski resorts in the Vosges; every conceivable thing is done to provide families with what they need. All-inclusive family packages are available throughout the season to enable parents and children to have fun without having to watch the pennies.

Remontu00e9e mu00e9canique Gu00e9rardmer
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

Accommodation to suit your pocket and tastes

More compact than other French resorts, resorts in the Vosges have all the comforts needed for a successful winter sports holiday. The accommodation and packages available are tailored to suit your pocket and tastes.

Group accommodation
ski nocture
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

Ski differently

Our skiing areas offer daybreak ski sessions: head out at first light of day to discover breath-taking scenery as you ski on a freshly groomed piste. Night-time packages are also available at weekends.

vue sur le massif enneigu00e9
Michel Laurent

Because the Vosges aren’t that far away!

"Finally, the Vosges resorts are:
 just over 2 hours’ drive from Strasbourg;
 less than 2 hours’ drive from Mulhouse;
 less than 5 hours’ drive from Paris;
 less than 5 hours’ drive from Brussels;
 just over 5 hours’ drive from Lille."

Why choose the Vosges this winter?




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