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Revive on your own

No doubt about it! It’s when you’re alone with your own thoughts and feelings that you can really rest...

Lac de saulxures
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

It’s better to be alone than with bad company

No, you’re not being antisocial, just human... It appears that making time for yourself is the key to wellbeing. Treat yourself and come to the Vosges to revive and think of just yourself, and no-one else.

Rest - there’s no great secret to it!

Du00e9tente aux Thermes de Vittel
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

Bathe in solitude

Simply hit your brain’s “pause” button and start to unwind. Why not treat yourself to some relaxation in one of the four Vosges spa towns? With various treatments and different spas open to every one, find the package that suits you, and look after yourself, with no need to feel guilty. After all, why should you go without?

Look after yourself

There’s nothing like a ramble on your own to refresh your spirits

Accrobatie au Donon

Need some space?

Isolation isn’t a punishment, it’s the chance of total freedom! On your own you can set your own agenda, based on what YOU want. On your own, you can take things at YOUR OWN pace. On your own, you can admire nature with nothing to disturb you. Always consider your safety when rambling, and keep to the marked paths.

Move & Breathe

This time, there’s no risk of your skinflint friend Nadine spoiling your stay!

Domaine du haut jardin
Haut Jardin

Sleep where you want...

Select your accommodation to suit your budget. Simply ask yourself “What do I want?”. A room in a cosy hotel, a pitch on a campsite or a comfy bed in a guesthouse? Choose from the many different options available in the Vosges.

Find your cosy nest

Visit? Culture? It’s the same thing!

Musu00e9e de l'Image d'Epinal
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

Explore in total freedom

"The Vosges also means lots of history and culture. You can discover this other side through various museums, sites and monuments. Take a day to visit the places that strike a chord with you.
Just like setting off on a hike, be prepared, take your time and - most importantly - keep your eyes wide open!"

Strolling round the museums
Revive on your own




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