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Listen to the silence

Far from everything, closer to yourself

The all-encompassing silence brings rest and serenity.

Centre yourself on what really matters: you and the nature around you. Welcome to tranquillity!

La Route des cru00eates
Johanna Solvu00e9ry

The Route des Crêtes

"Running for 88 kilometres among lakes, mountains and thatched buildings,
from Cernay to Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, the Route des Crêtes is strewn with sensational views.
Words cannot describe it. Simply open your eyes and look!"

Un ciel u00e9toilu00e9
Banque d'img

A starry sky

"As night falls, head up to higher ground to admire the constellations from a little closer.
Stargazers love the peaceful surroundings and lack of distractions."

Saut des Cuves

The Saut des Cuves

"At Xonrupt-Longemer, the Vologne gushes over this astonishing waterfall.
The river’s source lies in the high-altitude garden at Haut-Chitelet, at an altitude of 1228 metres,
alongside the Route des Crêtes."

Damien Guiot

Lispach lake

"This lake at La Bresse sits in a bowl carved out by glaciers at an altitude of 900 metres.
Classified as “sensitive natural areas”, the Lispach peat bogs occupy a large portion of the lake."

Les mu00e9andres de la Meuse
Philppe Massit

"The meandering Meuse
near Domrémy"

"Explore the meanders of the Meuse as it snakes across the Vosges plain in the west of the department.
Take a stroll or look down from the surrounding vantage points and see how the river has carved out a place for itself."

The Hohneck

"The third highest summit in the Vosges massif, with its panoramic viewpoints, rises to 1200 metres.
In the summer, you will meet walkers there, and in the winter the ski resort opens its doors at the foot of the summit."

Les Zone Blanches / Foru00eat de gu00e9rardmer
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

Untouched spaces

"No 4G, no wi-fi, no social networks... All that remains is you and nature!
Savour the silence, give your eyes a treat, and enjoy this rare opportunity to be completely unreachable."

Des violons de Mirecourt
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

The violins of Mirecourt

"One of the most venerated sites in stringed instrument making awaits you in the Vosges.
This town has been exporting its violins worldwide since the 17th century.
Visit the French stringed instrument-making and bow-making museums
and see how Mirecourt’s craftsmen have become true virtuosi."

Listen to the silence




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