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Free shuttles to the crests!

The author Léa Schuffenecker

Free shuttles to the crests

The experienced Gambaladons mountain guides have decided to facilitate access to the Vosges peaks by setting up free shuttles on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, enabling all mountain enthusiasts to make the most of supervised outings on foot or snowshoes.

Free shuttles with or without snow!

The aim of this initiative is to encourage as many people as possible to discover the beauty of the mountains in a respectful way, minus the parking constraints, on this unspoilt site.
The shuttles serve strategic departure points such as Saulxures-sur-Moselotte, Cornimont, the Gambaladons reception area and La Bresse. This makes it much easier to pick people up. Similarly, the choice of routes is flexible, depending on the weather conditions, ensuring a unique experience on every outing.

All-inclusive: snowshoes, poles and a convivial break

To make this adventure even more accessible to everyone, Gambaladons offers the loan of snowshoes and poles. What’s more, participants can enjoy a break with mulled wine (to be consumed in moderation, of course!) in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Take to the Vosges ridges for an unforgettable discovery of the Vosges!


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Free shuttles to the crests!




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