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Push yourself – and forget about the numbers

You don’t have to walk the length of the GR5 long distance path, from the Netherlands to Nice via the Vosges, to surpass yourself

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"“20 kilometres’ walk...
60 kilometres’ walk...”"

After all, 2600 kilometres is a very long way! In the Vosges, hiking is something everyone can enjoy. There’s a rich and varied network of walking routes, split into different ability levels. Simply follow the Club Vosgien and FFRP waymarked paths to make sure you don’t end up in Lapland!


Whether road bikes or mountain bikes are more your thing, find your way around the Vosges on roads, through forests and over mountain passes.

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The Tour de France

Select your itinerary from the multitude of waymarked routes. You can also use the bike.vosges app to keep track of how you’re doing. And if you’re looking for that adrenaline rush, then go to the La Bresse bikepark: cross-country, freeride, downhill and pump track are ready and waiting for you!

Cycling in the Vosges

Thirsty for extreme sport?

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1001 thrills

Head for the Bol d’Air park in La Bresse for the biggest thrills! Surrounded by nature, plunge into the abyss, take a bungee jump, go paragliding or fly across the valley on a zip-line. Augmented reality is a new addition at the park, adding a bit more spice to every activity. Thrills guaranteed!

Get a lungful of fresh air

In the winter, skiing has star billing in the Vosges!

Michel Laurent

Fresh snow on the horizon

While some people enjoy the “traditional” approach to skiing, others look for more intense activities. Snowkites, snowmobiles, luge, snow scooters and skijoring are all to be found on the Vosges ski slopes. Experience snow a different way for a day, or just a few hours...

Take a look at all our activities

After jumping, climbing, skiing, flying, pedalling and walking...

Terrasse du Refuge du Sotru00e9
Refuge du Sotru00e9

The calm after the storm

It’s time to rest! Really comfortable beds and a festive atmosphere await you in a youth hostel, group gîte or mountain refuge. In the Vosges, you can choose the style of accommodation that matches you, and sleep like a log...

Where to sleep in the Vosges?
Push yourself – and forget about the numbers




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