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Great, it’s raining!

Rain, downpour, deluge... Call it what you like, there’s no getting away from the fact that rain’s a pain in the neck!

Thermes de Contrexu00e9ville
Station Thermale de Contrexu00e9ville

Embrace the rain

But in the Vosges, it won’t ruin your holiday! Get your own back on the elements and head for the swimming pool or a spa resort in the Vosges and find a place where the water will do you good...

Spa resorts

Everything’s grey outside, and you’re hardly in a sunny mood yourself... It’s time to go out somewhere!


Take a quick tour of sortir.vosges.fr to choose the show, conference or event that interests you. And if you’d rather set aside a bit of time for some laughs with the family, find out what’s on at the nearest cinema and choose the showing that suits you. It’s good for keeping your spirits up!

Explore sortir.vosges.fr

An art buff? A history lover? An architecture junkie or a hooked on tradition?

Musu00e9e de l'Image d'Epinal
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

A bit of culture for a rainy day

In the Vosges, take advantage of the rain to explore some culture-rich places, either on your own, or with friends or family. Colourful exhibitions blossom and flourish all year round to delight the eye. Explore the cultural side of the Vosges!


It’s an ideal time for window-shopping...

Marchu00e9 de Girmont Val d'Ajol
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

A bit of shopping

Out of the rain, uncover those little treasures from the Vosges which are often world-famous: confectionery, textiles, household linens, honey and beeswax products, cheeses etc. It’s also an opportunity to meet local producers who will be only too happy to share their passion for products from the Vosges!


Fate’s got it in for you... What have you done to the Vosges to deserve this deluge?

And if it hangs around for more than a day...

Grumbling about the weather never does any good, so why not embrace the many other opportunities open to you: planetarium, indoor play parks, indoor golf, go-karting or bowling. And if you want something to lift your spirits, then indulge in some of the fine teatime treats available in the Vosges. The effect is immediate!

Great, it’s raining!




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