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Find your way around with the family

Visit us and press “pause”

Famille au bord du lac de Blanchemer
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

Restful nature

"The hustle and bustle of daily life melts away, no match for the peace and beauty of your surroundings. Leave your worries behind, put life on hold, and enjoy quality time with your family in the Vosges.

The winds of freedom blow through your soul. Are you ready?"

On the water

Dive! Play! Jump! Run! Laugh! Imagine!

Jeune en Kayak sur le parcours d'Epinal
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

What children want

This is what children need. In the Vosges, they can express their love of life - 100%. In summer and winter alike, budding adventurers can (re)discover a world of nature where it’s good to have fun outdoors. Amid the wide-open spaces, it seems there’s no stopping them... until the evening, and a stifled little yawn gives the game away!

Explore our water activities

A family: sometimes 2 people, sometimes 12

Camping du domaine Champlu00e9 u00e0 Bussang
Olivier Frimat

Tailored accommodation

Being a family sometimes means having young children, and at other times it could be teenagers. That’s the very reason why accommodation can be tailored to your lifestyle. Campsite or holiday apartment? Explore all the possibilities and find your very own home-from-home in the Vosges.

Open-air hospitality


Station de la mausellaine u00e0 Gu00e9rardmer
CD88 - Joelle Laurenu00e7on

First snow

While you were fast asleep, something happened... and the first flakes of snow have covered the Vosges massif. Young and old alike rush out onto the pistes to ski together as a family. 3 tumbles later, with some side-splitting hilarity to follow, it’s getting easier to stay upright on the way down, and the kids are in their element. To ensure everyone gets the most from the experience, French Ski School instructors are on hand to help child beginners from age 3 upwards.

Alpine skiing

Staying in the Vosges means you agree to give up one thing: being bored!

Michel Laurent

Boredom’s not an option!

A day in an adventure park, then a horse-ride in the mountains, with time out for a culinary treat in a farmhouse-inn. The next day? A ride in a horse-drawn carriage and then a pedalo ride on the lake, then... Most importantly, don’t forget to rest!

Find your way around with the family




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