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Have fun with friends

Friends are the people you choose...

Fantasticable u00e0 Gerardmer
Michel Laurent

Carpe diem

You see plenty of them all year round, but sometimes it’s good to see them somewhere different. That “somewhere else” is a place where you have time to chat, enjoy their company, have fun away from your usual surroundings. In the Vosges, make the most of time with friends and make up for lost time at your own pace.

No airs and graces: in the Vosges you come as you are!

Simplicity awaits

Share straightforward moments with friends, in relaxing natural surroundings. A “munstiflette” in a farmhouse-inn, a stroll around the Schlucht pass (pronounced chh-ll-oouu-rrr-tt) to walk it off, and a good night’s sleep in a mountain gîte to recover. Good times guaranteed!


The “friends for life” category is for those who like to share their daytimes and night-times too

Refuge du Sotru00e9
Refuge du Sotru00e9

Time for bed!

There’s plenty of room in Vosges chalets and group accommodation, meaning you can all sleep under the same roof... without getting under each other’s feet! If you’re one of those who values a little personal space when night falls, don’t panic! There are a great many hotels with some really good deals on offer.

Group accommodation

Walk, pedal, swim, climb and even fly in the Vosges!

Saut u00e0 l'u00e9lastique Bol d'Air
Michel Laurent

"“Nature” - sounds a bit strenuous
to me!"

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or simply into sport, you’ll find a place here where fun isn’t just the preserve of the children. It’s a chance to get together with friends, clear your mind, have a blast and get the adrenaline flowing. You could call the Vosges a memory factory.

Live life at full throttle - the Vosges way!

Some legendary and often quite bizarre creatures come out at night in the Vosges...

Apart from the “dahu”, what else comes out at night?

The “dahu”, fairies and “houeran” rub shoulders with a rare creature known as the “clubber”. Generally an excitable creature, the “clubber” has just one aim: to find a place where he or she can party and dance the night away! A real night owl, he or she will trawl through the Vosges bars and nightclubs on a quest for the ultimate party.

Staying out till dawn
Have fun with friends




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